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Daniel Johns is an Australian vocalist, guitarist, song writer, recording and performing artist...

Daniel Johns is from Newcastle, Australia. At the age of 12 years he formed the band Innocent Criminals (now Silverchair) with Ben Gillies and Chris Joannou. In March 1994 through the Arts Council of New South Wales, Ian Sandercoe held a weekend music workshop for 20 young people at the Tanilba Bay Progress Hall, north of Newcastle. Daniel Johns attended as part of the group  Innocent Criminals, with drummer Ben Gillies and bass player Chris Joannou.

Innocent Criminals joined Yiante with Ian Sandercoe as performers for a Skate Board competition in Laman Street Newcastle, held by Chester Carter. The band recorded with Mark Tinson at Fanny's Newcastle and received some local media attention. A demo tape was made, with a video clip which aired in the Nomad competition on SBS television Australia.

Innocent criminals changed their name to silverchair when signing with Sony in 1994. From 1994 to 1995 Ian Sandercoe trained and coached Daniel Johns in vocal and performance.

Daniel Johns has recorded and successfully released many albums including:

1995 Frogstomp by silverchair with hits: Tomorrow, Pure Massacre and Israel’s Son. Frogstomp sold 2.5 million copies. Frogstomp was the first debut album by an Australian artist to go #1 in Australia in it's first week, the second single Pure Massacre, went directly to number one in Australia.

1997 FreakShow by silverchair with hits: Freak, Cemetery and Abuse Me. Freakshow sold 1.5 million copies.

1999 Neon Ballroom by silverchair with hits: Anthem for the Year 2000, Ana's Song, Miss You Love and Emotional Sickness. Neon Ballroom sold over 1.5 million copies.

2000 I Can't Believe It's Not Rock with Paul Mac.

2002 Diorama by Silverchair.

2003 Live from Faraway Stables by Silverchair.

2004 The Dissociatives with Paul Mac and touring with Kim Moyes: drums, Julian Hamilton: keyboards and James Haselwood:bass. Songs include: Somewhere down the Barrel.

2007 Young Modern by Silverchair. Songs include: Straight Lines

Get more information about Daniel Johns at the Silverchair website:  chairpage.com

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